Emma Stibbon - Lava Field Stream - Terra Infirma
Lava field, Leirhnjukur 
ink, carbon and volcanic ash on paper 


Walking and gathering research 'in the field', Emma Stibbon draws environments that are undergoing dynamic change. Images of Iceland from the Arctic Circle; Svalbard Expedition and Antarctica from the British Antarctic Survey Expedition. Stibbon has recently undertaken projects in the Grand Canyon and Hawaii, USA Selected exhibitions - 2015; Ice Limit, The Polar Museum, Cambridge; Ice Mirage & 2012; Hommage à Cy Twombly,Gallery Bastian, Berlin, with Jackson Pollock, Brice Marden, Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer. Stibbon is an elected Royal Academician (RA), 2013. Public collections include numerous city museums, nationals and academic collections including: Stadtmuseum, Berlin, DE; Bristol City Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, UK. San Diego University, USA.

New original prints by Emma Stibbon echo the vast, desolate lands encountered during her residency at Hawai Volcanoes National Park. From direct sketches and photographic records, Stibbon brings to paper the dry, stark intensity experienced at the cusp of some of the world's most active Volcanoes. Broken Terrain and Tree Ka'u Dessert convey the tension within a limbo terrestrial, balancing stillness and beauty with eruption and destruction.
Emma Stibbon RA - Royal Academy
Alan Cristea Gallery
Rabley Gallery


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